I am trying to figure out how to work wordpress.  Sorry if you get this on reader and have to read a bunch of failed posts.  I tried to add a picture but it isn’t showing up anywhere.

Ah, there it is.  We went to Magic Mountain this winter while Heidi was here with her family.  It was a lot of fun.

Katya liked cheering for people while they were on the rides.  She really didn’t want to ride anything herself though.

Isn’t Ella so cute and getting to be a big girl now?

Anna was finally able to get Katya on a ride by signing “brave” and making it a big deal for her.  She was very happy after that and even went on the roller coaster ONCE. 

Ben drug four Christmas trees at one time about half a mile or so home.  He tied them all together and used two shopping carts but he got them here.  I think our grand total of trees was over twenty!

They used the trunks cut up with a pyropen to make really neat burnt picture things and just plain old burned up the rest of them.  Quite a sight really.

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