Chromosome Analysis and Reg**nal Center

  I had a chromosome analysis done on Katya for The Reg**nal Center. They needed me to prove she had Down Syndrome.  She does.  She has a universal translocation of the 21st Chromosome on the long arm of the 8th and 10th Chromosome alternating.  They recommend testing the parents to find out why and what affects this will have on Katya’s reproductive possibility.  Good luck with that.  The result was interesting at least.  Yes, she does have Down Syndrome just in case you couldn’t tell. 

Reg**nal Center called today too.  They kept asking me over and over again what country she was born in.  I repeatedly answered Kazakhstan.  The lady would ask me "yes, but what country is that in"  Finally I told her that is the country and spelled it for her.  She says "Pakistan?"  Um, NO.  She finally writes it down and then asks me "where is that?"  Seriously?  Does it matter?  Is that a question on the form?  Where is the country of birth?  She tells me they only do speech for Autism and mental retardation. I say "she has Down Syndrome"  The woman then says "Oh, when was she diagnosed with that?"  "Um, probably at birth but I don’t know, I wasn’t there."  I do wonder about these people.  I hope once we finally meet someone face to face these annoyances will be a thing of the past.

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