Katya’s birthday and more

  Yesterday Katya had a nice long nap.  Unusual for her.  She woke up wired for sound.  She was quite hyper and very happy.  It was nice to see her in such a good mood.  She was bouncing everywhere laughing.  We came home from our date night just after ten and she was in her room awake.  Ella was asleep.  She heard us and yelled for daddy.  (a common occurance if they are awake when he gets home).  We let her come down for ice cream (we brought some home for everyone still awake).  She was so happy.  She ate her ice cream then the big boys took turns playing with her.  At 11 Gio and I went to bed.  I told the boys to put her in bed when they were done playing with her.  This mornings report was they went to bed at midnight and she was still awake and wanting to play more.  She slept in very late this morning.  We all appreciated that. 

Today is her birthday.  Another cute Katya day.  She woke up as happy as last night.  We told her it was her birthday.  She says "MEEEEE".  Ella says she gets two birthdays.  One on Katya’s birthday and one on her real birthday.  We told her that was fine as long as Katya gets two as well.  She was fine with that. 

After our late breakfast we opened presents.  They got new chairs to replace the poor old ones, bristle blocks, and Kung Fu Panda.  Ella opened the movie and was happy.  Katya opened the blocks and says "blocks" and smiles.  Then they each opened a chair.  Ella opened hers and had it all set up before Katya had hers unwrapped.  She tried to help Katya unwrap hers.  Katya looks at her and says "no.  Mine.  Go away"  It was cute.  she was so slow and deliberate.  She had to make sure each little piece of torn paper was on the floor before she’d rip another one off.  Finally she got it open.  She saw what it was and YELLED "Dora!"  she jumped up and ran to Daddy and gave him a big hug yelling "Dora" the entire time.  It was very cute.  She was so happy.


We had cake finally.  She blew out the candles while we were singing.  She was  pleased with herself. 




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2 Responses to Katya’s birthday and more

  1. Unknown says:

    What a beautiful family you have!

  2. Unknown says:

    I left the previous comment.
    Christine over at smilesandtrials

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