Katya is smart

Who says Katya isn’t smart?  Just because she has Down Syndrome doesn’t mean she isn’t smart.  Here is an example. 
Ella gets new shoes all the time.  Katya’s little pudgy foot is hard to fit so she doesn’t get new shoes as often.  We finally found some cute little dressy sandals for her a few weeks ago.  Ella was very upset that she didn’t get any.  She refused to wear shoes to church that Sunday because she wanted Katya’s.  It was our turn for nursery duty so we were fine with that.  During service Katya took the prized shoes off.  Ella runs from the other side of the room snatches up the shoes and says "I won the shoes".  She refused to take them off all that day.  She even fell asleep in them that night.  I took them off her while she was sleeping.  Katya found them Monday morning.  Ella saw her pick one up and started yelling.  Katya took the shoe and ran to the laundry room and shut the door.  The laundryroom has a child lock thing on the outside of the door but it is always open.  She knew she could get in, she could get out when she was ready, and Ella couldn’t get in.  Josh went in to go get milk from the garage.  She tried to push him out yelling "No".  It was really cute to see those wheels turning in her brain.  It worked out so well, she now runs there every time Ella is chasing her for something. 
As an aside, Ella is ususally chasing Katya because Katya took something from her.  It goes both ways.  They are such good sisters.  They take things from each other, they chase each other, they yell at each other, but they also hug each other, kiss the other when they are sad, take turns covering each other up with blankets, wrestle with each other in a non-combative way, laugh together and get into mischief together. 
Here is a picture of mischief.  They got out the suntan lotion and lotioned each other.
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2 Responses to Katya is smart

  1. Unknown says:

    They sound like clever little sisters to me! Cute photos of them with the lotion.

  2. Unknown says:

    That was me, I forgot to sign it. ;o) Dolores

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