Potty training

For the last two weeks we have been potty training full time here.  We were working on Ella wearing pull ups.  Katya was jealous so we put her in pull ups too.  I would set her on the potty every hour or so.  At first she was just happy to sit there.  Then she started to go.  Then she noticed she could control when she went.  You should have seen the joy on her face when she figured out that was a voluntary action.  You could actually see the realization spread across her face.  She now loves to potty and is dry most of the time.  She still wets at night but that is another problem all together.  Ella is more selective with what she does on the potty and when.  We told her we would be taking Katya to lunch and to buy pretty panties.  Ella said "I want lunch too".  The original deal was earrings.  That is what Anna got, but we didn’t think Katya would want earrings or that she would tolerate having us care for earrings.  She still hates having her hair done most days.  So what would make Katya happy?  LUNCH!  We decided Wendy’s would be good.  She likes nuggets and fries, ice cream and coke.  Ella wants to go too but not enough to be more diligent with the potty.  I don’t know if Katya can sense when she needs to go or not.  She has started to ask me to take her to the potty but it is usually to get out of an unpleasant situation or just because she is bored.  She goes every time though.  So who knows.  Can’t ask her.  All in all I am very proud of our girls.  We thought Katya would be eight or so before she trained due to the Down Syndrome and weakened muscles.  She surprises us every day. 
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family pictures again

By the way, the two big boys are Ben and Isaiah.  The little boys are Noah and Levi.  The girl is Ella.
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more family pictures.

Some pictures disappeared from my last post so here we go for try number two.
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family pictures

We had our family pictures done last weekend.  They didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped but some were cute anyway.  I’ll attach a few here to see and put the rest in the photo section.
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It is snowing!  It hasn’t snowed in over five years.  It is certainly making up for it now.  It has been snowing constantly for nine hours and we are only half way through the storm.
This morning when it all began.
…..A few hours later
Later Josh came out to see.
"Snow makes ma happy and cold"
Stay tuned for more……
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oh well

Well,  after going in the potty four times in a row over two days Ella has decided enough is enough and once again refuses to try.  Even the promise of candy from Gramma wasn’t enough to entice her to try.  Back to the drawing board.
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This just in. 
 Breaking news. 
Ella has peed the potty! 
WAy to go Ella
we knew you could do it!
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