He is Risen!  He is Risen Indeed!
We had a nice relaxing Easter  holiday today.  We made it to church then came home and just hung around.  Gramma and Grandpa came for a visit today but that was it. 
All of our excitement happened yesterday.  Much to our surprise. 
Gio went outside to play touch football with the boys.  I was upstairs cleaning up Katya.  The boys came in and told me daddy needed me down stairs.  So down I went thinking "now what?"  I get to the bottom and Levi tells me daddy cut his hand on something rusty.  I thought he had been gardening so that was believable at least.  I walk a bit further and Gio says he needs to go the ER.  I think okay show me and we’ll decide.  I took a quick one second look and grabbed my keys and put Anna in charge of the kids.  After five hours in the ER Gio has two dislocated fingers, six stitches and many cuts and scrapes on his head, hands, and knees.  He had intercepted the ball and run for his goal but tripped over his feet and landed on the asphalt.  He took a chunk out of his finger.  When the dr. was sewing him up he said "there isn’t much I can do you are missing so much tissue."  So that was what he was pulling off and washing down the drain.  He thought it was rocks!  He had to have his wedding ring cut off too.  They had to cut it in two pieces his hand was so swollen and banged up. 
Now it seems I have another toddler.  I get to help him dress and tape up his hand so he can shower.  Poor guy can’t do much with just one hand.  I even got to drive him and Ella to costco for their weekly trip.  Ella wouldn’t survive if she had missed her "go cawco daddy" trip.  She askes for it all the time. 
We are glad it wasn’t more serious and that it was the beginning of spring break instead of the end of it.  He has 11 days off to reover before he has to go back to work.  Having an injury like that really makes you think of how much you have and take for granted.  I am glad Gio is my husband.  He really does a lot for us that we don’t notice.  Like going to costco and cooking on the weekends.  I even missed holding his hand in church today. 
So enjoy the rest of Easter. 
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