Ella and Katya

The girls are doing so well together now.  They are still opposites but they are learning to love each other.  They will hug each other and dance with each other too.  They love ring around the rosey and head and shoulders.  Singing and dancing are their favorite activities.
Ella has started having nightmares.  She is also afraid of shadows.  Poor baby.  She is alert enough to notice things like shadows but not enough to understand what they are.  She is afraid to sit on the changing table now because of the shadows.  She is also afraid to lay in her bed at night because she can see the shadows everywhere.  It is so sad to see her afraid and not be able to explain to her why she shouldn’t be afraid.  I have got in a lot more cuddle time with her though.
Katya had an eye appointment today.  She is near sighted.  We had been noticing she likes to stand directly in front of the tv to watch Elmo.  She will also put her book right up to her nose to see the pictures.  She gets to have little blue glasses.  We will pick them up next week.  I’ll post a picture when we get them. 
Everyone else is doing well.  Nothing new to report really.  I get to have an echocardiogram done on Friday.  My blood pressure has been high and now I have an irregular EKG reading.  So Friday they’ll do this test and let me know what it says next Friday. 
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